Our Team

Jessica is the Owner of Anew Moon. Her true passion is learning about different healing modalities. She started Anew Moon with the passion to help others through teaching Yoga, doing personal 1:1 Coaching, and being an asset to her team. She enjoys being with her family and friends as well as running, hiking, photography, astrology, and being around the water in any way she can. She is married with 2 boys 13 years and 8 years. She is a seeker and a adventurer. She enjoys a healthy challenge to keep life interesting.

Tim is the Owner of Anew Moon as well as a teacher at Heartwood Schools in Mason Michigan. His degree is in Teaching Emotionally and Cognitively Impaired, but also has a Masters degree in Counseling. Tim is a long time athlete who enjoys staying fit through running, cycling, swimming, hiking, playing frisbee golf, and soccer. He bring to Anew Moon services such as THAI bodywork, fitness & nutrition coaching, as well as being support for the Anew Moon Team.

About Dana

She started practicing Yoga almost 5 years ago, she started going with her Mom. Since then she has continued to learn and grow her practice through RYT 200 hour teacher training. What she finds most interesting and inspiring about Yoga is not only being able to learn and define the physical possibilities of our body, but also exploring the deeply rooted spiritual and metaphysical journey of Yoga. She enjoys teaching a verity of Yoga classes including – upbeat flows the create opportunity to tap into our own energy and potential; as well as slow fire classes that reflect extremely mindful and meditative movements throughout the flow.

My name is Tinna Thomas, I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner.  I use a variety of modalities to customize a massage that suits your specific needs.  I have experience using methods such as – Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Structural Evaluation, Muscle Mechanics, Stretching, Range of Motion, Elder Massage, Aromatherapy and Energy Balancing using Reiki.  I am also comfortable working with abdominals, glutes, and the face/jaw. I use a very calm, patient and intuitive approach to help you experience the best possible massage.
Depending on your specific needs you can expect to feel relaxed, stress relief, pain relief/reduction, increased Range of Motion, increased flexibility.  Massage can lessen the appearance of spider veins and cellulite, also aiding in digestion. You may feel a sense of balance and lightening as well as emotional well being.
I know that by working together we can achieve great things so you can be your best self.

Meet April Hoard

April’s first passion led her to work with the beauty of nature. With a B.S in Horticulture, April spent meany years learning  floral design, landscape design, and sustainable agriculture.  After serving in Afghanistan in ​2011, April was inspired to learn more about basic human needs to promote her own recovery from PTSD and Fibromyalgia.   This has led to a lifelong pursuit into the art of healing and natural living. She is teaching yoga and sharing  massage therapy while taking naturopathic studies.

April is a 200 Yoga Teacher, she has a Bachelors in Horticulture

You can find more services that April provides through her website below.


Meet Kristin Roberts Psychic Medium 

Kristin Roberts  Psychic /Physical Medium Certified/Certified Ordained Minister/ Certified Oracle Card Reader/Spiritual Counselor I believes that we, as human beings, are all interconnected and have a spiritual purpose in life. Those who have had Readings, Messages, Home Blessings, and had Paranormal Investigations with me will attest my ability to project evidential messages from spirit.In your reading you will be expecting energy flow between you and I.

You can check out more about Kristin at her website below.


A note from Christine Andrews –

I am an eclectic spiritualist My journey began over 20 years ago, during a tough period in my life. At the time I was doing licensed childcare out of my home and really enjoyed it, but needed something deeper. I realized there had to be more to life and people out there who had the desire to be their best selves, and that cared about inspiring others to do the same. I yearned to find people who were doing good and helping others. I started reading books on self-help, Spirituality, developing intuition, and healing practices. My mom always did tarot cards while I was growing up, and sometimes just knew things about me that I would’ve much rather she didn’t know. That intrigued me. I had a strong intuition, and had experienced premonition dreams. I got involved in a Spiritual church, and started taking basic classes. When I came across Reiki, I just knew with every fiber of my being that I was supposed to be a Reiki Practitioner. And with my first class, I felt like I was coming home! Energy healing is where my heart is. I have studied and am certified as a Reiki Master, Atlantean Healing, Chakra Balancing and Cleansing, Aura Cleansing, Healing with Color, Medical Intuitive, and Psychic surgery. I do healing sessions both with individuals and couples. I am passionate about healing work, and continue to study different methods and techniques. I truly love sharing my gift, and teaching Reiki to others. When I certify a Reiki Practitioner, for me, that is a life long commitment. I will be there to guide you, answer questions, give support for as long as you need it. I studied for over two years to become an ordained minister, and I truly love doing weddings. I have never used the same script twice. I write it personally for each couple that comes to me. I am available to do Spiritual Counseling. I did hospice work, both at facilities, and at individual homes. I was also the one who came to do Reiki for any patient that requested it. There is something so rewarding in being there for someone during their final moments, and guiding them to find the peace that they need to move on. I offer End of Life Sessions, to support both your loved one, and the family. I am an ordained priest in The Order of Melchizedek. Certified psychic and medium. Whether you take a class, workshop or have a healing session with me, you will be able to feel how deeply my heart goes into what I do. My love and gratitude for my gift, and the opportunity to share it with others is such a blessing.

Jessica Corson Balances on one leg doing a yoga pose